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3 Ways To Nourish The Skin During Winter

Posted by Bart Adams on

Temperatures are still quite pleasant in most places, even though winter is right around the corner. While most of us are basking it up, the unfortunate fact is that winter is still almost here, and the weather can go from comfortable to snow overnight.

Don’t let the thought of cold weather get you down. Cooler temps means Christmas is almost here, and there are endless winter activities you can enjoy with family and friends!

Be sure, however, to take extra care of your skin during the frosty season, as dry, cold air outside, as well as dry air indoors from heating really plays havoc with your skin, drying it out, and leaving it in desperate need of hydration.

As you may know, hydration is the key to youthful skin, so to avoid dry skin that is vulnerable to the signs of aging, follow our important tips below!

Enjoy Hot Beverages But Don’t Forget About Your Water

Of course as the weather cools down, we favor hot mugs of cocoa and warm apple cider instead of our usual iced teas. As long as your drinks aren’t too heavy on the sugar, then go ahead and enjoy them, but be sure to hydrate your skin from the inside out with water too.

Water helps to nourish the cells from the inside out plumping it up and preventing flaky skin. Aim for at least 8 glasses a day and always drink a glass of water alongside an alcoholic beverage to counteract the dehydrating effects.


The quickest way to rid yourself of dry, itchy and flaky skin is to remove it! Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells revealing gorgeous radiant skin underneath. Exfoliation also helps to open up your pores allowing for better absorption of your hydrating products.

Opt For More Intense Hydration

During winter, your skin is going to need more than just your daily moisturizer to stay nourished and healthy.

Choose a serum or facial oil at night, and follow up with a rich moisturizer such as our Hydrating Face Fluid which contains moisture rich shea butter for baby soft skin!

We guarantee that as long as you follow these 3 simple tips that you will get through winter with healthy and happy skin! Now feel free to share your awesome results with us!

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