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Your Spring Skin Care Guide

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Yes, it’s time to get excited, because after months of cold and gray skies, spring is finally on the horizon!

Before you get too excited, just remember that taking care of your skin, while important all year round, becomes especially important as the weather starts to heat up. Even though the sun makes us feel wonderful, and there’s nothing like a good dose of vitamin D the old fashioned way, exposure to powerful UV rays is extremely damaging to skin that is not protected.

So in between digging out your summer clothes, be sure to ditch any skin care products that have been sitting on your shelf for longer than 6 months, and follow our skin care regime to ease you and your skin into spring so that you can enjoy all the warmer weather has to offer without damaging your skin!

Ditch The Chemical Cleansers

Cleansing is one step you should be following all year long, but unfortunately conventional cleansers are often very drying on the skin as many contain alcohol. That “squeaky clean” feeling means all the oils have been stripped from your skin, and that’s the last thing you want!

When entering into a new season you still want to maintain even hydration levels on your skin, that is why we highly recommend our Gentle Cleansing Milk as the first step in your spring skin regime. This cleanser will remove all traces of dirt and grime while still leaving your skin feeling beautifully soft and hydrated.

Bring Out Your Spring Glow With Exfoliation

Shed the layers of winter build up by exfoliating your way to new, bright and glowing skin! Spring is a time of renewal, and this includes renewing your skin. A lack of sun may have left your skin looking a little dull, but fake that glow before summer starts by exfoliating at least 3 times a week (once a week if you have sensitive skin).

Our Smooth Skin Exfoliant will do the trick! This exfoliator relies on microfine bamboo to do the job, as it’s highly effective without being irritating to the skin.

Go Light on the Moisture But Don’t Skip It

It’s never a good time to skip the moisturiser, so if your winter lotion feels a little heavy for the spring, then why not simply switch it out for a just as effective yet gentler version?

You may want to leave the Hydrating Face Fluid for the cooler months and opt for our Exquisite Face Fluid  or Balancing Face Fluid instead. Both will provide just enough hydration without feeling greasy on the skin, making them ideal to apply under your SPF before hitting the beach!

Always Wear Your SPF

This may be the most important step, as the sun is your skin’s enemy when it comes to aging. So be sure to slather a good SPF of at least 30 or higher, and don’t forget your ears and neck! You can apply any of our moisturisers underneath to balance your oil levels, as well as provide extra protection.

Follow these steps and you’ll be starting your Spring on the right note!

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